Thanksgiving Table with Simply Seleta

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Hands down favorite.  Family, friends, food, drinks, and taking time to be thankful for our life is why I love the holiday.  This year I have 33 people both friends and family coming to my house for dinner on Thanksgiving.  I can’t wait to set my table and enjoy time with loved ones.  Speaking of setting the table… Seleta and I love our Thanksgiving stlyle session posts.  This is our post from last year and here is our post from 2010.  For our third year we are changining it up a bit.  Here on the Tracery blog you will see our “organgey pumpkin table”(I don’t think orangey is a word but it seems to work as a description in this instance) and over on Seleta’s blog you will find our “organic and mercury table”. So after you look through our post head on over to Seleta’s blog to check out our other look.

With this Thanksgiving Table we started with citrus(which looks fake in the photos but they are real… they are from the trees in Jenny’s yard), pumpkins (Seleta picked these up at our local grocery store), a tray from Tracery, and 2 glass hurricanes.  A very simple and fresh Thanksgiving table setting.  The pumpkins make great placecard holders also if your seating is assigned.

Gobble Gobble!  Happy Thanksgiving!



6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Table with Simply Seleta

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