High Point Market Part 2

Wow… We thought we were tired last night. Now we are really tired tonight. We walked High Point in 2 days plus 3 hours the first day. If you have never been to High Point just think of us looking like mall walkers between our stops (that was us). Looking back at the photos reminds me of all the great pieces we found. Here are some of our highlights from today.
We are getting silly at this point. (we did not buy the moose painting)










OK. That is it from my pics. Headed to bed. Our alarm is set for 4:15am to head home (super early but will be very excited to land at home tomorrow).

Good night!



4 thoughts on “High Point Market Part 2

  1. Really tired of seeing those fabrics in the first few pictures-they have been in mags so long now they look old don’t you think?

    • The fabrics are not new to the market but they are popular fabrics which is why I am guessing an upholstery company would add them to their line. It is fun to see pattern on upholstery after so many years of lots of solids being shown.

  2. Enjoyed the photo essay on your visit to High Point Market. Was there anything there that you wanted for yourself? And did you see “new” fabric patterns you found exciting?

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