Southern Living Idea House Christmas

Happy Friday y’all! We traveled back to the idea house in Senoia, Georgia last weekend to decorate the 2012 Southern Living Idea House for Christmas. The house is now open for tours every weds-sun until December 23rd…. So go check it out. So you ready for some Christmas??? I know it is only October but I guess we are embracing the phrase the early bird gets the worm! So here goes Christmas… Ho Ho Ho!

We started on Saturday with designer and sponsor day at the Idea House. I was so excited my amazing mom and my sweet cousin Hannah joined me. It made it a wonderful day.

And then Christmas began to happen.

Group dinner to get ready to be Christmas Elves.

First stop on Christmas includes a chainsaw… Is it Halloween or Christmas?

Scott and Frank prepping the tree.

Working on the mantel

My mom helping with the presents.

Lynn working on the staircase garland.

Elves at work.

Picture time! (the people in the background are touring the house)

Wrapping gifts for under the trees!

Lots of pom poms for the presents. Jenny, Lynn, and Kate made lots of poms pins ahead of time so we were ready to wrap. You girls could go in the professional pom pom making business.


















Lynn stamped our packages for under the trees… This would never have worked for me when I was a child. I was the worst about sneaking around and figuring out my gifts.

If you have a chance go check out the house. A few thanks to my Christmas Elves. Thank you Jenny, Kate, and Lynn for making pom poms. Thanks Blaine for making the super cool Pinecone snowflakes. They are awesome! Jenny and Leslie thanks for wrapping tons of gifts! And to the install elves thanks to Scott, Frank, Christina, Lynn, and my mom… You all rock! Santa is going to recruit y’all to the official elf crew!

Merry Christmas! (just a little early)


25 thoughts on “Southern Living Idea House Christmas

  1. Hello, can you tell me if that BEAUTIFUL garland is real???? It looks it, but how will it last for 2 months, without changing it every week. Love it, can you give pictures with instructions. barbara schaeufele

  2. Beautiful!! Left message on facebook, but thought I would ask here also. Can you tell me where you got the white knit Christmas stockings?

  3. Oh, no. I was hoping to tour the Idea House before the distraction of the Christmas directions went up. Will the house be open to tours after the decorations have been removed? I’d like to see it in its original decorated form to appreciate the “bones” of the house. Thank you.

  4. Will the furnishings in the house be for sale to the public after it closes? Is the corner chair in the L/R to the right of the “welcome table” an antique?

  5. Toured the house this past Wednesday…..the Christmas decorations are just beautiful! Where can I get information on the burlap ornaments on the porch Christmas tree. I see the birds are from Ballard and plan to order those so I can replicate that perfect tree.

  6. Looks great! I loved seeing the spread in the magazine; so fun to see it decorated for Christmas. I’ve been looking at those Ballard “Larkin” chairs in the living room — which fabric option are they upholstered in? Are they comfortable? Considering purchasing a pair. Thanks!

  7. I live in Texas and I’m wondering where you get the interior wood that you use so often on walls? is it tongue and groove? Who is your distributor? BTW we can’t wait to have you work on our vacation home in Watersound!

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