Tracery in Veranda

We are so excited that a home we designed is in this month’s issue of Veranda. AK and I had so much fun working with the home owners on this project. We hope you enjoy seeing the the end product!


Pick it up now at a newsstand near you!


9 thoughts on “Tracery in Veranda

  1. Just sat down with my New Issue of Veranda and I was taken to a restful, romantic place…. your Rosemary Beach home.


  2. Veranda came today!!! Always my favorite day of the month. This month is better than ever. I sat down to relax and go through the pages. I do this very slowly, when I came to your feature I was taken away to a wonderful relaxing place. Your work is outstanding.


  3. Yours, Ike Kligerman Barkley’s and Vicente Wolf’s projects were my favorite 3 in the issue! The ceiling height of that home is amazing! You guys did an incredible job!


  4. Found you in Veranda…will never let you go…love that you love Elements of Style. White, White, White and more White. Checking my lottery numbers..keep fingers crossed. Angie


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