Lots of things….

Hi all! We have installs happening, projects starting, and other fun things up our sleeve… So here is our post about lots of things that have been going on lately. Not a sophisticated blog post title but truthful…. Here are lots of things….

We designed the green room at the CMT Awards… We posted about this earlier….


Bess steaming… her most favorite job…


We watched the awards…


We love Frank from Southern Living’s birthday…so we bought him cupcakes


We stopped by my family farm on the way home and picked up lots of corn!!


Then our green room was on CMT!


Then we cooked corn.


Then my dad and I took a road trip to be there when my new niece and his new granddaughter was born. We had fun. We talked about life. It was a good day.


We ate veggies and drank wine my night at the farm.


Kristina and Lauren unpacked lots of boxes. (with smiles and having fun which is always required with bits of styrofoam flying around!)


Our dog looked sad when Mark and I got away for a night to Apalachicola.






We love Apalachicola….


And we are anticipating the August issue of Southern Living. We can’t wait to see the idea house in print! Here is a glimpse at the coffee table at The 2012 Southern Living Idea House. It is open for tours now through Dec 23rd. Check the website for details.

Well thats it for now. Have a good week!


4 thoughts on “Lots of things….

  1. I LOVE Apalachicola too, birthplace of air conditioning. My husband and I used to frequent it a lot with our boat and Little St. George Island to collect shells and visit the light house. My children have had some of the best times with Easter egg hunts on the Islands around Apalach as we affectionally call it. A trip is never complete without visiting Papa Joe’s, Tamaras, The Owl Cafe, and of course Boss Oyster. Such fond memories, thank you for sharing.


  2. Love all the pics! Adore the Southern Living Home! Have been twice this week! You and your team have an amazing eye……and I love how you brought the Senoia hometown flavor to the walls……..lots of beautiful artwork…..local and antique! Thanks for putting such beauty and ideas in my backyard! 🙂


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