party in Mountain Brook

Hey it’s Doug. We had a party last Friday night at our Mountain Brook shop.  We were excited to have two artists we represent at the event, which featured their artwork–Mountain Brook native Mila Hirsch who produces really beautiful botanical prints and New Orleans based Mallory Page, whose amazing mixed media pieces we’ve carried in both of our shops for the past couple of years.  Flower magazine co-sponsored the event with us and between us, Flower and the artists, we invited a lot of people!  And we had quite the crowd…Shindigs Catering parked their food truck out in front of the shop and by the end of it, Mountain Brook Village was happening!

Do you ever have a party and forget to take pictures during the event?  We’ve been known to do that before, and this was no exception.  Not to worry though, our friends from About Town were there snapping pics of our guests (we’ll share think link when the photos are up on their site) and Hannon went around after the party and took some photos of the shop.

It was so great to have Mila and Mallory and so many of our friends at the shop…we need to have parties more often!  We still have lots of great pieces from both artists available, so if you see anything you like here give us a call at (205) 414-6026 and we can send you more info.

Southern Living Idea House… another update

Hi! Paige here! The 2012 Southern Living Idea House is moving along. AK and I headed up to Senoia to visit the site along with Frank and Jen from Southern Living. We walked the home and to see the progress…. it is looking great! Scott, John, Tom, and Terry were there to meet us. We install the house next month and we are wrapping up the final details. Here a couple shots of the home.

Scott is sporting the Southern Living 2012 Magnet on his car.

Anna Kay Taking notes.

This guest bath is going to be great!

This is Tom. Say Hi Tom!

Then we went outside to unload the fun antiques and vintage finds we had in our van and we found out our van that we lovingly have named “Tracey” was dead!

Here she is being towed away!

Thank goodness we had our great Southern Living team there to help us out! So we rented a car the next morning and on to Scotts to find goodies for the house!


This chest will be in the foyer. We loved the worn white finish.


These little beauties will be in the master bedroom.


This table was the perfect find for the living room. It will be behind the white chesterfield sofa with 2 great lamps from Barbara Cosgrove.

So now we are headed back home for a couple weeks then back to Senoia for the install!