Southern Living Bedrooms

Hi all! We have been totally MIA… A little nuts around here. We have been working on lots of projects but wanted to give you a few more updates on the Southern Living House.

The 2 bedrooms upstairs are going to be classic southern farmhouse style with a clean lined more modern pieces mixed in to give the rooms the total Tracery look and feel. Here are shots of the fabrics for both bedrooms.

The first one is a very neutral scheme with the linen duvet, white wood walls, and gingham pillows and drapes.


In the second upstairs bedroom we have a room focused around blues. The bed is layered with the ticking stripe and plaid bedding. The drapes are the khaki and navy striped fabric. The room is going to feel like a classic room with a little whimsy introduced in the farmyard print wallpaper in the bathroom.


Back to a little more work tonight! (but we did just finish dinner here at home… It is taco Tuesday at our house which is always a family fav)



4 thoughts on “Southern Living Bedrooms

  1. Your website portfolio is lovely Paige. The artwork in your designs reminds me of my daughter’s artwork. Her style could complement your style. Checkout “The Workshop” Ginger Leigh Designs at Uptown Grayton on 30A. Ginger creates wonderful custom work for interior designers and individuals. Treat yourself, give Ginger a jingle and/or a visit. Wk: 850.231.2849/ Mobile: 205.249.2271
    Many blessings and lots of smiles, Liz


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