The other day as I was scrambling around rummaging through purses, backpacks and baskets looking for the simplest of objects – a pen.  I thought to myself, I don’t think I even own a pen.  How do I not own a pen?  In this age of iPhones, I keep all my lists in it – grocery, errands, work-outs – even journals.  Who can keep up with a pen and much less paper these days?

With all of this social media and iPhone overload, it’s refreshing to step back and use something that is meant for just taking notes – not for getting directions, counting your calories, checking your email, checking the weather, listening to music or oh yeah, calling people.  I’m talking about chalkboards – before the iPhone, before the text, before the dry-erase and even before the Post-it!

The simplest way to get your message across – weather you are the hostess with the mostess who likes to tell her guest what is on the menu or you just want to leave your love or your kids a note.  What do you use chalkboards for?  Tell us below!


If you are interested in the variety of Chalkboards we offer in each location feel free to call Rosemary Beach {850.231.6755} or Mountain Brook {205.414.6026} to request more information or send an email to shop[at]