Happy Friday, yall! It’s Bess here and I’ve been on an orange kick as off late. Which, by the way, almost resulted in this post being titled ‘Orange you glad it’s Friday’. Cheesy, I know. This latest color ‘kick’  is best witnessed by taking a glance around my house…

Scented Citronella Candle from Tracery. They smell amazing & keep the bugs off! Of course I had to take one home for a test run 🙂 Available in orange blossom (orange), lime verbena (lime), fresh rain (aqua) & island coconut (white). They are $26.00 each.

Fun necklace I picked up in New Orleans a few weeks ago!

My Bed: New pillow front & center from Tracery Rosemary (16x24 $86.00). Lamps with burlap shades from Home Goods & shams from Anthro.

I even have an orange striped rug in my Living Room-which was much to messy to be photographed this week! Paige was feeling the same way a few weeks ago with {Tangerine}.  Hopy everyone has a bright & happy weekend!

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