A quick trip and a few new favs…

Hi all! Paige here. AK and I are driving back home to the beach from a quick overnight trip to Atlanta. We were working on the Southern Living 2012 Idea House and a few other projects.

We went to meet the group at Ballard today (they are a sponsor for the Southern Living Idea House). We got to see new products they are releasing this spring/summer and make selections for the house. It is going to be fun! We can’t wait to show y’all!

But first this morning we stopped by Historical Concept’s office this morning to review the plan updates with Claire and to go through all tile selections for the home.
Then on to ADAC to look at fabrics for a few beach projects that we have in the works. Here are a few of our favorites….












Then we headed over to the Idea House to take a look. It is really coming together. Here is quick snap shot from the house today


Whew… What a day…. We are in Alabama now… Headed home (don’t worry AK is driving).



8 thoughts on “A quick trip and a few new favs…

  1. Any chance you want to provide sources for the 1st and 8th fabric you have shown? So excited to see the SL Idea House this summer! Coming to Atlanta for a wedding in July and it couldn’t have worked out any better! – Rachel


  2. Does anyone know who makes the mustard yellow colored coral fabric ( 4th one down)? Love it! It’s so hard to list all of these beautiful things then get bombarded with “Where can I find that!!?!?!” but I have to have it! Thank you! Thank you!


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