More Winners….

All winners please shoot us an email at with your shipping information and we will get your items on the way as soon as we can. Thanks to all that are continuing to participate-this has been a blast! Our 12th winner will be announced tomorrow!

Day 10, Set of Four Farm Animal placements: Congratulations to Darlene Day!
‘When I was a child I thought my grandfather’s old mule, Maude, was a great animal. All of the grandchildren loved to feed her corn. I wouldn’t want one now, but back then I would have been the happiest kid around if Santa had left a mule at my house. Comment by Darlene Day December 20, 2011′

Day 11, Tracery’s Rose Window Fabric: Congratulations to Rachel Goetz!
‘I have to admit that ‘Christmas Vacation’ is my favorite! There is just something so perfect about that movie and we watch it every Christmas day… how sacrilegious is that! It just helps so much to make your family seem normal when you compare yourselves to the Griswold’s! Comment by Rachel Goetz December 22, 2011′

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