Giveaway Winners Announced!

All winners please shoot us an email at with your shipping information and we will get your items on the way as soon as we can. Thanks to all who participated! We have had some great responses!!

Day 5, Pearl & Leather Necklace: Congratulations to Dawn Fritz! :
‘It was the mid 1970s. America was in a recession, and my dad, who was a surveyor, was laid off. My mom, who was a nurse but had not worked since having kids, went back to school to take a refresher course. Dad became Mr. Mom for a time. Looking back now, money must have been real tight, especially with four kids in the family. But, my parents made a big deal about “crafty Christmas”, saying it was more special to make things for others than buy them. We all worked together making “ecology boxes” for family and friends – Dad cut, stained and assembled the wood framed boxes in his workshop and Mom and us kids collected pine cones and acorns, counted out elbow macaroni and dried grains, and blew the yolk out of eggshells through little pin holes. We’d hear Dad down in the workshop every night and I can remember thinking that he must be making a lot of ecology boxes! But, on Christmas morning, his true labor was revealed. My dad had made a miniature workbench for my brother and a play kitchen for my sisters and me. The kitchen was so special and unlike any you could buy. It had a window with real red gingham curtains that my mom had whipped up. It had a backsplash with a wallpaper border. And, the showstopper? It had avocado green appliances just like in our real kitchen. Crafty Christmas? Best ever. Comment by Dawn Fritz December 15, 2011′

Day 6, Hedgehog Bottle Opener: Congratulations to Cindy and her name ‘Happy’!’How about Happy because he lives in beautiful Rosemary Beach! Comment by Cindy December 16, 2011′

Day 7, Mercury Glass Bud Vases: Congratulations to Kem Jackson!
‘I will always love the 2009 design house you did in Texas! The colors are so vibrant and inviting. If I had to pick a favorite, the bedroom with the twin beds and adjoining bath is great. Love the black with pale blue accents – so fresh and classic!Comment by Kem Jackson December 17, 2011′

More winners announced on Tuesday & Wednesday!!! Stay tuned…

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