Winner of Day 3!

Congratulations to…

‘Love that sparkle beauty! As a child I had colored lights, then when I moved out and got my own tree, I decorated with the popular white lights for 15 years. Until this year, when my bright-eyed 6-year old boy asked me why we had all boring yellow lights (I guess they don’t look white to him). So we have switched to a perfect combo of half white and half multi-colored lights mingled throughout our garlands and tree. It’s happy, nostalgic and my little one is estatic about our colored lights! So, I guess I have to say, that my new favorite is this perfect combo of both lights. Comment by Texas Chic in Austin December 13, 2011 @ 12:27 pm

Texas Chic in Austin-please email with your shipping address and we will get your mercury glass box on it’s way! Thanks to everyone for entering….more giveaways to come!

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