Photo shoot

Hi! Happy Monday after Thanksgiving! Last week before the turkey we had a photo shoot with Better Homes and Gardens. They came to Rosemary Beach to shoot a home AK and I designed for a great family from Atlanta. It is always fun to be a part of a photo shoot. This one was no exception. Paige is from the magazine and is an all around a wonderful person……Not confusing at all having 2 Paige’s together in one room! Michael the stylist was great…. We really enjoyed getting to know him. Edmund the photographer was capturing the house perfectly. Then last but not least Derek and Staci were so sweet to come down with their family and open their home to all of us. It takes a team to pull it all together! I can’t wait to see it in print! Here are a few pics from the shoot. Of course you will have to wait on the magazine to see the finished product.








Have a great Monday!



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