Party, Elvis, the Ozarks, and Christmas

Hi everyone! Whew…. What a week. Bess and I first went to Missouri for an install. It is pretty in the ozarks this time of year.
Here are a few pics of our trip there…(including the first fire I have ever started that actually worked)




Then on our way out of town we got to fly out with Elvis… Therefore I still have Elvis singing in my head!



Then as Bess went back to the beach I headed to Birmingham. Last night was the sponsor party for the Birmingham Home & Garden Inspiration Home we designed. The house opens to the public tomorrow… Head here to find out more. I took a few I phone shots at the party last night. We wanted to share these with you…








And last but not least doug and I are Christmas decoration shopping for clients this afternoon. (don’t worry doug is driving as I an typing this post). We are mixing some decorations from Tracery with these we found at Restoration Hardware and Anthro…. (I love Christmas!). So excited to see it come together!



Then we got silly…. This is my Rachel Zoe look. What do you think? I was sick a few weeks back and watched 2 seasons of Rachel and her crew… This is what I would look like if I were channeling her!


I do love my sunnies!

Happy Thursday! We have to get ready in a minute for another event tonight. Excited to wear my new outfit I picked up at Anthro while out shopping!


4 thoughts on “Party, Elvis, the Ozarks, and Christmas

  1. What a fun night it was! I’m telling all of my friends and bringing my daughter tomorrow so she can see her picture in the upstairs for herself! LOL! The house is beautiful and we’ve told all of our customers it’s a “must see”! Great job and so happy we have been involved in a small way!


    • Hi that particular one can be purchased through the Mountain Brook shop. The price $2,100. We also have another one in stock in Mountain Brook and one in Rosemary. They are all custom made. Give us a call at 205.414.6026.



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