Rose Window part 1

We are soooo excited to announce after a ton of behind the scenes work (blood, sweat, and tears)…. Our Tracery fabric is ready to go! The first color is driftwood. We are working on the second color…. It will be out soon! Many of you saw our first version in May that we used in our showhouse room. It was great but for mass production we made some changes and now it is ready to ship!

We are so excited to present:
Pattern: Rose Window
Color: Driftwood

The fabric is 54″ wide, $45 a yard, a linen/cotton blend fabric.

Samples are available for just $5 each!(that includes shipping via US Mail in the US)

Fabric is available is 1/2 yard increments with a 2 yard minimum order.

Fabric ships within 5-7 business days.

To order email or call 850-231-6755 between 9am-5pm cst 7 days a week.

Here are a few shots from today when received our shipment. The UPS guy was shocked because we were soooo excited!!! (I had AK pose for a quick picture while unpacking the fabric)






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