5 random things so far this week

Hey, it’s Doug. I’m going through the photos on my phone…as we’ve mentioned on many occasions our entire staff is severely iPhone addicted (I want a new 4S with Siri SOOOOO bad but I am holding out for a while). Anyway, my entire life seems to be more or less documented on my phone. Here’s a glimpse of what’s been happening in the past couple of days:

Remember these dining chairs we bought back in May? They’re back from being reupholstered and they look AWESOME! I love the green detailing behind the nailhead (good idea Paige!). They’re for the Lake Martin house we are wrapping up…pics of the finished product coming in just a few weeks!

We just restocked the Mountain Brook shop with more pillows from Dwell Studio…they are so colorful and fun. I really like these turquoise Ikat ones…and they’re really well priced. $86 each for these. We’ve already sold out of our order from New York market and are on our second round.

So this Holiday House Tour that I’m on? It goes in my front door and out my back door. As a result I am installing a pea gravel walk around the side of my house. Nothing like a party/event to help motivate the completion of projects you’ve been meaning to tackle, right? What’s pictured above is 4 bags worth of gravel. By my estimation I am going to need 298,248,672 more bags to complete this project.

How have I not told y’all about my niece yet? She’s pretty perfect. I didn’t see her all last week while we were installing the Birmingham Home & Garden Inspiration Home and she grew about a foot while I was gone. We caught up with each other Sunday night.

This is a delicious bottle of wine. May I recommend?

See, I told you this post was random! You never know what you’ll find in my iPhone photos! Until next time…

5 thoughts on “5 random things so far this week

  1. Screen shot the wine for our weekend trip to LA – thanks! Love all your pics – ordered the 4s today – just hope my psychotic 3G lasts two more weeks….*drank the Apple kool-aid*!!


  2. Would you mind sharing a recommendation for any upholsterers in the Birmingham area? I just purchased a chair I need to have redone and I’ve never used anyone in this area before.


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