the lake house

Hi all! On the way back from Birmingham today. The Inspiration Home for Birmingham Home and Garden Magazine looks great. Thanks Doug and Hannon for all your hard work! We can’t wait for all of you to see the finished project. So far the only people we have given the tour to is my husband and my sister…. They both loved it but I do believe they are a bit biased. This weekend Bess, Mark (my husband) and I attended a beautiful wedding…congrats Adam and Rebecca! They had some really great ideas… I would have expected no less from them.  More on that later.

Doug and I went to Lake Martin today (I am in the car now but don’t worry Mark is driving).  The Lake Martin house we have been working on is looking soooo good. Today we selected the floor color, cabinet hardware, and some final bedding choices. Here are a few photos from our site visit.












OK… Obviously that last photo is not the house…. But how cute is Lucy riding in the back seat?

Happy Monday!


7 thoughts on “the lake house

  1. I absolutely love these pictures. You are so talented! This house will be a masterpiece. Lucy is the showstopper tho. Our precious dogs have a way of bringing reality to all things. Love your designs. Jean,


  2. My husband and I just love reading through your blog! We have some catching up to do, but can’t wait to see what else you have posted. Please tell me you can help us with a disagreement we are having on those planked walls… were there any knot holes in the wood that you had to fill? They look so smooth and are a beautiful element to that home.

    Love your work and Lucy is adorable!


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