Independent Presbyterian Church Holiday Home Tour

Hey everyone, it’s Doug.  I know it seems way too early to talk about the holidays, but you know how time flies by (how is already the middle of October?!).  One of my favorite holiday traditions here in Birmingham is attending the annual Independent Presbyterian Church Holiday Home Tour…every year, homeowners who live in some of the city’s most beautiful residences open their doors and allow the public inside for two days to tour their homes and see their holiday decor.  I am incredibly honored that this year I’ve been invited to share my own home on the tour!  This year’s tour features some really amazing homes, including my INCREDIBLY talented across-the-street neighbor, Betsy Brown (you might remember her home from when it was featured in House Beautiful a few years back…it’s honestly one of my favorite magazine features on a home I’ve ever seen).  No pressure for my place to look great compared to that, right?

Doug's living room...which is featured on this year's IPC Holiday Home Tour in Birmingham.


This is the 62nd year for the Tour, which benefits the charitable activities of IPC.  You can stay up to date with details of the tour, and see photos of the other homes being featured by liking the IPC Holiday Home Tour Facebook page.  Tickets will be available for sale online (we’ll keep you updated when they become available for purchase) and we’ll also be selling them in our Mountain Brook shop.  Heck, we might even give away a pair right here on the blog!

Doug's bedroom--freshly painted just in time for the upcoming IPC tour!

Doug's kitchen

We’ll remind you again as the event gets closer but go ahead and put December 10 and 11 on your calendar if you are in Birmingham, because you won’t want to miss this event.  As an added bonus, purchasing a ticket to the IPC tour automatically will grant you entry into the Birmingham Home & Garden Inspiration Home which coincidentally features interiors also designed by Tracery 🙂  Make sure you plan to attend this great event!

Have a great week everyone–

11 thoughts on “Independent Presbyterian Church Holiday Home Tour

    • Hi Jennifer–my headboard is custom through Tracery and the rug is a Nate Berkes rug from, which is no longer available. We have some similar Dwell Studio rugs in our shops.



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