The Inspiration Home… Photo shoot time!

Today the photo shoot began for the Birmingham Home and Garden Inspiration Home. The team is great… From Tracery Doug, Hannon and I have been adding the finishing touches while Jean (the photographer) and her assistant Matt started shooting and last but definitely least… Cathy the editor who does everything needed to make it perfect. Want to see a few fun shots? You will have to wait for the final photos but we can share this part.


Cathy and Doug dusting the hood!  Love this group!


Drapery install in the guest bedroom.  We LOVE Willie!


A sneak snap shot of the living room..


One of the living room consoles.



Doug and I hanging out at the end of the day.


Glass of wine…. ahhhhhh…..


My baby sister Maggie stopped by just in time for a tour and a glass of wine.  Love you Mags D!



To end the night a little mexican food.  It was needed and totally delish!


The house opens for tours next month! Then it will be a feature in the magazine! We will let you know when everything happens!



8 thoughts on “The Inspiration Home… Photo shoot time!

  1. Swoon! Each room is more beautiful than the one before – you all have such a gift for combining elegance and style in rooms that look as though they’ve been there – lived in and loved – forever. Your posts are such a treat 🙂


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