Install… The beginning

Today… We begin the install for the Birmingham Home and Garden Inspiration Home. Here are a few shots of our morning thus far… More photos to come….stay tuned as we give you the play by play.




5 thoughts on “Install… The beginning

  1. Discovered your blog Saturday and spent all day yesterday – it was raining! – going back through each and every post all the way to the beginning. Just. Perfect.
    Wish you were closer and I could pick your incredible brains re design issues. What a wonderful, wonderful blog!!!


  2. Doug:
    Just wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of Tommy Kute. I told him that I read your blog and he could not believe it! He did a room in our Designer’s Show House this year and had some of your artwork. What a small world it is! I always get anxious seeing your next project. I would love to send you pictures of my lake house we just built. I get inspiration from you guys. Rosie louisville Kentucky


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