The Hamptons Part 2

Want more photos?  I am going to spare you some… I took a ton!  Everywhere you look is beautiful classic details, shingles, hedges, and I could go on and on.  Anyway… to the photos.  A picture speaks a thousand words so I will stop typing….



Wow.  I guess I did take a ton of photos.  I haven’t even shown you our home photos….. including Martha’s…so one more post to come.



The Hamptons (part 1)

So we meant to post this weeks ago.  A little delayed but better late than never.  After the New York Market we (Mark-my husband, Doug, and our friend George) headed out to the Hamptons for a few days of R&R.  It was really fun.  We toured around, shopped, ate, and generally just relaxed.  Here are some of our photos from all over the place.  Take a look… there are so many photos.  A part 2 will be required.

This needs an explanation… they were changing a window from summer to fall at a shop.  They wrapped the manequin to take it away and had it out on the sidewalk.  We thought it just looked hilarious to passerbys…