A pair of sofas

When do you use a pair of sofas? This is a question we receive from friends, clients, blog readers, etc.

A few pointers on when it is answer to your room design.

1. When there is a focal point. A fireplace is the most common of these. (But we have also designed a room with 2 sofas where a TV was the focal)

2. When you want to create a room within a room. A pair of sofas creates a great gathering area but it does break up the room. (always be aware of this in small spaces)

3. When symmetry is best for the impact of the room. We love symmetry when used in the right design but it is not always the answer.

4. When you have an elongated very rectangular room. If this is the case the a pair of sofas may be the perfect solution!

Here is one of our favorite photos of ours where a pair of sofas was the perfect solution!




P.S. Bess and I are headed back to Florida from a trip to a client in Missouri. It is a crazy week for all if us. Sorry for the lack of blogging.

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