Saturday Flea Market finds

We love a good flea market.  Last Saturday my mom (who I would dare to say is the world’s best flea marketer/picker/ and just all around finder of fun things) stopped at a flea market on the way home from Birmingham.  We pulled up and I am pretty sure I rolled my eyes… thinking that there was no way there was anything good inside the building we were in front of.  I was wrong.  Eddie Ross, if you are reading this you would have been in heaven.  If you have never visited Eddie’s blog take a minute and go through all his very fun finds and amazing transformations.  Back to the subject….the flea market was huge.  There were lots of rooms… then upstairs…. then down.  I have been looking for the perfect item for my thanksgiving table.  I found it there. 

These brown glass bottles (I was told snuff bottles) will be cleaned up, washed and will be on my dining table for thankgiving mixed with mercury votives for a little sparkle.

Jadeite.  LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.  Martha and I have that in common for sure.  Hopefully one day my collection will resemble hers.

I just loved these.  One pair will live at my house.  One pair will live at Doug’s house.

How could I resist.

Vintage ornaments are always a good addition to any holiday decorations.


Lots of Milk Glass. 





These dishes are really fun!


Love these old golf clubs. 

Happy huntings!




4 thoughts on “Saturday Flea Market finds

  1. Funny story about flea markets and auctions…
    About 5 years ago we bought a beach house in Mexico Beach. I was on a mission for old chest and wooden chairs to paint!
    Stopped in PCB at a flea market…didn’t find anything that I was looking for…but..found booths with drugstore items…car tools…one booth we walked by a girl was sitting in the middle ofvthe flloor…appeared to be in a trance..aka meditating…my hubby said…did you smell that? I said yep…guess she was smoking it (pot) for medicinal purposes…lol!
    Another Flea Market in Dothan…you can actually drive thru a section of it…they have chickens walking around to buy…
    Stopped at an auction in Atlanta years ago…they charged $25 to get in.,.the first item up for auction was for $20,000….lol…we didn’t stay long! 🙂


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