Hey, it’s Doug…my favorite color is definitely white.  I know some people will say that white isn’t a color, but I think it definitely is.  White is so subtle, it can be warm or cold…the possibilities are endless.  We love working with white in our design work and some of our most favorite popular spaces that we’ve designed have been centered around this color.


Nothing reflects light better than a beautiful all-white space.  In this Auburn, Alabama room that Paige and Anna Kay designed a few years ago the beautiful effect of the windows wrapping around the stair tower is made even more powerful by the crisp white paint used on every surface.  White highlights every architectural accent in a space…look how sculptural it makes the curve of the stair railing.



White furniture and accessories are really beautiful to me.  Just as with architecture, a coat of white paint can beautifully accent the lines and details of a piece–like this curvy lacquered chest.



Y’all have seen pictures of my kitchen before, but I thought I’d share one again here because white plays such a big part in the overall design of my own home.  I have one paint color throughout my entire house, Benjamin Moore ‘China White’ (my favorite white paint color) and in my kitchen it pairs beautifully with white Carerra marble counter tops and backsplash.  You can also see in this picture that an all white space can still have contrast–my dark walnut stained floors are a complete contrast to the white cabinets and walls in my kitchen.




Can something smell white?  Maybe not…but a clean and simple scent seems to suit a simple white space.  When Paige and I were at the International Gift Fair in New York a couple of weeks ago, we ordered K Hall Designs candles for both of our shops.  We’re excited to start carrying this great line and looking forward to carrying K Hall’s best selling scent–Milk.  We think you all are going to like it too…simple, fresh, and…white!

13 thoughts on “white

  1. Love it! My current trim color is “Creamy” by Sherwin Williams. Would love to go white in my walls. Should I go with my current trim color or could you recommend one that would look good with my current trim? I eventually want to remodel my kitchen and take down walls so the color would also need to look good with Carrera or Alabama marble since the kitchen would eventually open up to the living space. Thanks!!!


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