New York….one more post.

So…. I am sitting here going through our photos from our trip to New York and then the Hamptons.  There are looootssss of photos.  So I wanted to share a few with you today from the New York part of the trip.  Living in a small beach community I LOVE to head to the city.  We had days of shopping at flea markets, market (The New York International Gift Fair), visits to job sites, and great dinners with friends.  At this point it seems like a whirlwind…. and it was…

After we checked in The Standard the beer garden was an afternoon stop.

Here we are enjoying a drink on the top floor of The Standard.

Headed to dinner. My friend Christi joined us in New York. She is going to LOVE this picture of her from behind walking down the street.We were headed to Minetta Tavern. It was great. Mark(my husband) and Doug enjoyed the black label burger and highly recommend it.

 There were some good finds at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market on Saturday Morning.

Love this booth

My friend George found this vintage Auburn belt buckle.  As an alum I had to buy it.  Now I just need to get a belt to go with it!


I see drapery tie backs...

Then on to market.

We loved this bedding at market. How gorgeous is this?

Dinners and drinks were a must after walking all day.  Our friend George picked some cool places.

Tiny's in Tribeca = LOVE

Dinners with my husband and friends at Raoul's

After we went to Raoul’s we headed across the street to The Dutch.  My design nerd came out.  I went to the bathroom and thought they were cool.  I stayed in the stall until the bathroom was clear so I wouldn’t look like a total crazy person shooting photos. So here they are… toilet and all!

The blue tile and unlaquered brass and red trash can was great.

It was all so clean and classic. more bathroom stalker location

On the way out of my bathroom stalking a snapped a shot of the hallway.

I love the lights in the restaurant.

After our meeting at CORE we headed over to ABC Kitchen for lunch.  Yum and beautiful a great combination!

this was our table.

Obviously we were eating an early lunch. is was packed about 20 minutes after I took this photo.

Then of course we had to walk through ABC Carpet and Home….

I just drool over the merchandising every time I am in this store.

I want it all....

a close up detail.

The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping and meetings at a couple magazines.  After our last stop we strolled (well sort of limped) over to Chelsea Market.  It is such a fun place.  We had to stop for a late afternoon snack (yes that is macaroni and cheese).

Afternoon snack!

Friedman's Lunch in Chelsea Market.

Chelsea Market.

Have you seen the Ace Hotel?  I love it… all the colors, patterns, etc.  We had to stop by the Breslin in the Ace Hotel for a drink.  Here are a couple shots

Such a fun place!

That is my husband above ordering me a drink.  Again everyone is going to love these odd photos.

The green paint is to die for!

Doug is just going to love all these random shots of himself.

So New York was fun and a lot of work!  After New York we spent a few days in the Hamptons to decompress.  We will follow up with a blog post about that.  It was AWESOME!  The vacation was a much needed getaway.

Back to the grindstone!  Happy Monday!



7 thoughts on “New York….one more post.

  1. Oh, you look like you always have so much needed fun. I just love all things white. Can’t wait to see your pictures from the Hampton’s. Thanks for taking us on your trip enjoyed the ride.Now I must kick my own shoes off and rest. thanks dee


  2. Amazing about the Auburn Belt Buckle! What a fabulous city! WDE….we are teaching our granddaughter “Weagle, Weagle, Waaaaaaaarr Eagle. Have to leave the D.. out for an almost 2 year old! 🙂


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