The Big Apple

Hi! Paige here! We are on our way to New York for work and a bit of fun. Doug, my husband Mark and I are on the flight from Atlanta to New York. I adore living in our small beach town but sometimes a girl needs a city fix. In New York we will meet up with our friend George (who at this point is a part time new yorker) and our friend Christi (a friend from the beach). Tomorrow we start with our first day at market. We will be sharing our new and aspiring finds. Also on the agenda… Good food…. Some music… Shopping… And visiting one of our projects that is just completing in Chelsea. To end what is sure to be a whirlwind New York experience we are headed to the Hamptons. Can you tell we are excited!
For now we are on the plane and inspiration is coming from my stack of mags. Love this collection Martha is fearturing this month. Have I mentioned how much I love Martha. I do love her. Before my grandmother passed away last year we would always discuss what “good things” Martha had on her show that day. So for today here is a good thing. I want these…


And here is Doug a row back. Wonder what he is doing on the plane? It is going to be really funny when he sees this photo!


Toast to the city!



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