Coffee Table and Cocktails

Wow what a few weeks.  We have been here and there and everywhere.  We have new projects that we are sooooo excited about and can’t wait to share photos as the homes develop.  I even snuck in a few days at my family’s 1950’s beach house nestled in the dunes on the Gulf of Mexico.  There is a sleeping porch where 8 of us slept.  Sleep not so good, but fun very good.  Today Doug is headed to Montgomery to review cabinets for our project at Lake Martin with our client while the rest of us are working on various projects in the stuios.  Doug will catch us up on the cabinet process with a few photos when he returns.  It is going to be a fabulous kitchen…. we are VERY excited!  Ok…. so I got sidetracked… I am doing that a bunch lately…. to many thoughts… too little time….so back to coffee tables and cocktails.

AK and I recently finished a home in Rosemary Beach for our clients (and now friends!) Sean and Byron.  We showed you their dining room before and thought you would enjoy seeing a few other corners of the beach getaway.  We had fun pulling together all the of the accessories for the coffee table and and bar.  We always mix textures and sizes of items to create balance in any space.  Also, books are always good anchors when working on shelves and coffee tables.  There are very few times you will find a coffee table or a shelf in a room we design without a book.  But be careful what books you display on your coffee table because they are definintely a reflection on you.  So, select beautiful books that reflect your interests, loves, places you have seen, or that are just plain pretty.  Now that your coffee table is ready…. grab a cocktail put your feet up and enjoy the weekend!\



P.S.  Come back Monday for a give away…. what a better way to start the week!

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