Before and after in Rosemary…part 1….dining room

Hi everyone in Blogland!  AK and I have been working on a renovation of a condo in Rosemary.  Our clients, Sean and Byron, bought a furnished condo in Rosemary Beach.  They lived with it for about a year to really understand what they wanted in their Rosemary Beach getaway.  When Sean and Byron came to us through a mutual friend, thanks for the intro Nikki, they had a direction for their home away from home, which is St Louis.  They wanted a relaxing retreat for the two of them and their 2 very cute dogs, Bosley and Sophie.  Relaxing in color and as well as design.  So we began….. we worked remotely and in person on the design.  It was a really fun project  and we have become friends in the process which is always a plus.  We love to see how new pieces and paint and lighting can REALLY change a space.  So without further adieu here is the dining room before and after. 

The dining room before.

Dining Room After!



P.S.  I can’t forget the dogs.  Here they are in a before shot.  How cute are they?

5 thoughts on “Before and after in Rosemary…part 1….dining room

  1. Those dining chairs are amazing. Are they something you can order from your store or did you find them on one of your shopping trips?


  2. I have been looking for the perfect inspiration for our new dining room and have just found it! This is stunning. We have a dining table just like this and I have been wondering what kind of chairs would go well with it, and these are ideal. Thank you! Thank you! Problem solved.


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