we’re moving our Mountain Brook shop!

Hey, it’s Doug….have you heard our news?  We are moving our Mountain Brook shop!  Last fall when we opened, we knew at some point we’d be moving again.  Our friend Paige Albright had graciously offered us space in the building that houses her rug shop, which turned out to be a great way for us to get started in Birmingham.  We’ve completely outgrown the space though!  We have been on the lookout for a new home for the past few months and we’re excited to announce we’ve found one…just around the corner from our current location.

Our future home in Mountain Brook...photographed Monday evening just after we ripped own the old awning that covered most of the front of the store!

We’re moving to Montevallo Road, in the heart of Mountain Brook Village.  We’re really looking forward to having increased visibility for the shop and for having a little more room to spread out and offer even more great things!

The space needs a complete makeover, which we are currently in the middle of. I’ve recruited my brother Ryan to help with a lot of the work…we spent this past weekend tearing down dressing rooms and ripping up nasty old wall to wall carpet.  In the next few days we’ll be painting while new lighting is installed and wall-to-wall seagrass carpet goes down.  Here are a few pics of our progress this weekend, starting with the space “as we found it”

Hannon thinks the basement stinks. (It does)

Here's an action shot of Ryan tearing out the dressing room

The aftermath of our demolition. I called a junk removal service to come rescue us soon after I snapped this photo!

Demo is complete...we'll update you again soon with pics of our progress putting the space back together!

3 thoughts on “we’re moving our Mountain Brook shop!

  1. So glad Tracery has been such a success! Good friends and neighbors…glad they will be around the corner in the village.


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