celebrating independence day

What a holiday weekend this was! We all had such a wonderful time in our various locations celebrating with family & friends. I think some of us need a little vacation to recover from this past weekend. Hope you enjoy these snapshots from everyone here at Tracery….

Some of us were on boats & some of us were on floats. We ate cobblers, crawfish & enough burgers to last a lifetime. We barbecued and giggled with rosy-cheeked babies. Some of us enjoyed the view of sandy beaches and ocean breezes while others cruised down back country roads with the wind in their hair. We watched parades, took a few much-needed naps & of course we all enjoyed  amazing fireworks!

What was your favorite memory from this year’s Independence Day celebration?

One thought on “celebrating independence day

  1. We just moved to a lake community here in Texas and are renovating a lake house. So, after dark we took the boat out, drove to the damn where the fireworks were going to be displayed and threw down our anchor with about fifty other boats surrounding us. The fireworks were right over our heads. It was fantastic!


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