A week away

Hi, Paige here! I am currently headed back to the beach from Highlands, NC. We went with my mom, two sisters, niece and nephew, and daughter and husband for a week. It was really great… Well let me start from the beginning. First, the airconditioning went out in my car about a week before we left so I decided to have it fixed while we were out of town…. Sounds smart.. Right?!? Except the night before we left we were running a few last minute errands in my husbands car and his airconditioning just stopped. Great start to a getaway! I called my dad and he came to the rescue! So… as I write this I am crossing Alabama in one of my dad’s farm trucks(Fyi… My dad is a farmer). Thanks dad for the use of the truck with airconditioning. A neccessity if you ask me! We went through Birmingham on the way for a furniture presentation with our client who is building at lake Martin. Which went great! We are so excited about the house! Then off to the mountains. We just hung out, went whitewater rafting, napped, walked around Highlands, drank wine in the afternoon… And just relaxed. It was REALLY awesome and very needed! Here are some random shots of the week! Starting with me sitting back in the farm truck writing this post while Mark drives through the Alabama countryside.











I hope you all have a great 4th of July!



3 thoughts on “A week away

  1. like a good Alabama country girl, you stopped in the farm truck at Cracker Barrel for lunch along the way! that game they have is the best!


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