Linen & Libations No. 1

L to R: Bess, Paige, Doug, Hannon & AK

Hi Everyone!

Bess here to share a few pictures from the ‘Linen & Libations’ preview party for the 2011 Cultural Arts Alliance Showhouse for the Arts.  We’ve shared a few teasers over the  past few weeks and we finally have a finished space to show you!   Every one of the  little things in the room (and the big ones too] are for sale so feel free to inquire about pricing.  Let us know what you think…


There are many 'found' items in our space this year adding layers with lots of character.


Many of these items are available in our shops including this original piece by Candace Greer


Great turn out despite the weather!

9 thoughts on “Linen & Libations No. 1

    • Hi Kerry,
      We have a second set of those urns in front of our Rosemary Beach shop. They are a fun vintage find! They are sold at $300 for a pair & do not come with the orchids. Feel free to call us at 850-231-6755 if you would like any more information.


  1. Hello,

    Everything looks beautiful. I love the mirror on the sideboard. Could you tell me if it is availble as well as price and size.



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