allium (AKA, keeping it real on a Tuesday night)

Hey, it’s Doug.  Tonight’s an exciting night at my house…writing some contracts and drawing some elevations.  I work in my kitchen a lot when I am trying to get stuff done at home…those of you who’ve been following the blog for a while know that my house is exceptionally small, so the big stainless steel table in my kitchen is really the only place big enough to spread out with my laptop anyway.

So, I’m sitting here looking at these allium peeking over the edge of my laptop…leftovers from a photoshoot from last week (you’ll see those pics soon, promise!).  I don’t know if y’all are familiar with these flowers, but I love them.  Grown from bulbs, they’re actually a member of the same plant family as onions, scallions, and garlic.  I love how fun the round purple clusters of flowers are.  I think I was first introduced to these flowers through photos of Martha Stewart’s garden in Westport.

Martha Stewart's allium border...I just buy mine at the wholesale florist, but this image is inspiring me to plant some bulbs for next spring!

Allium were the perfect addition to the lakeside home we had photographed last week.  And they’re casual enough to work well on my kitchen table too.  I found the fun “measured” pitcher I have them arranged in at Star Provisions in Atlanta recently (but I noticed the same item at At Home in Homewood recently, Bham friends…).  The numerous bottles of Pellegrino on my table are also leftover photoshoot props…no sparkling water being consumed at my house, just SmartWater.  Well okay, and that glass of Malbec just inside the frame of the photo 🙂
Hope y’all are having a great Tuesday night!
[Martha photos from here]

Girls, Girls, Girls

Happy Monday!  We love to design rooms special for the small folks that live in our designs.  Many times our work is for families with small children.  Here is one of our favorite rooms we have designed for 2 girls at their family lake house.   When AK and I selected the paint colors and overall feel for the house we used white as the base for the entire home and it is the definitely the base for this girls room.  We love to create rooms that have a feel that children can grow with. 

Have a great week!