Our new fabric!

We are so excited about our first custom fabric!  We are working on more prints for the line but wanted to let you all see our first pieces!!!  The first fabric will be featured at the Showhouse for the Arts that opens June 15th-July 22nd in The Retreat in Blue Mountain Beach along 30A (about 5 miles west of Seaside and Watercolor).  This fabric will be our draperies in our room.  We think it is going to be really fun!  So this afternoon we are all a little giddy….and having a little bit of fun…. we first started with this!

Mint Chocolate Chip!

Then we received the new fabric via UPS (I think we were on a little bit of a sugar high)  and are so excited to show it to you! 

Just out of the packaging!


Lizzy(our summer intern from Auburn....WDE!) and AK show off the new fabric!


Bess posing! (BTW... she really is dressed but we thought this was really funny... again maybe because of the sugar high)

We hope everyone has a great evening and a great weekend! 



17 thoughts on “Our new fabric!

  1. Gorgeous! I must say you desgined the perfect introductory fabric to highlight the name of your business! What colorways will be available? This is exactly what I am looking for. I am working on a renovation in New Orleans and want this look for the library drapes. Thanks so much and can’t wait to see the Showhouse this summer. Really enjoy your blog.


  2. Thanks so much for all the compliments… we are so excited! This color way is is a taupe/grey. It is going to be $45 a yard. We will have samples available to ship out very soon with several colorways. The samples are $5 each. We recommend ordering the sample to check the colors before ordering multiple yards! If you are interested in receiving a sample email us at shop@traceryinteriors.com with your name and phone number and address. Thanks so much!



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