Girls, Girls, Girls

Happy Monday!  We love to design rooms special for the small folks that live in our designs.  Many times our work is for families with small children.  Here is one of our favorite rooms we have designed for 2 girls at their family lake house.   When AK and I selected the paint colors and overall feel for the house we used white as the base for the entire home and it is the definitely the base for this girls room.  We love to create rooms that have a feel that children can grow with. 

Have a great week!



15 thoughts on “Girls, Girls, Girls

  1. Paige this is gorgeous!! Very calming and serene,perfect for a lake house.

    Art by Karena

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    You will love it!


  2. Makes me want to take a running plunge into the wonderful bed, what an inviting space and its ageless…..beautiful and so elegant without feeling stuffy. Just like the kind of place where I want to grab a favorite book and bunker down for a while!


  3. I think this is ONE of the prettiest rooms you have done…..although there are many. Just a lovely, sweet room.
    Such lucky little girls 🙂


  4. I always love your work, but for some reason your girls rooms really touch me. Sappy, I know, but they seem so perfect – not too young, not too old, that delicate balance of sophistication and sweetness.

    One question – what was the thought process behind doing the double layer of curtains and sheers? Do you envision this little girl using her sheers primarily, instead of closing the curtains? Also, is there a balancing window on the left side of the bed, given the design of the window treatment on the right side?

    Great ceiling fan!


    • thanks Holly! The sheers are partially aesthetic, and also to help with light control during the day…this window faces a lake and gets a lot fo direct sunlight and the sheers are a way to filter some light without having to black out the room during the day. And yes, there is a matching window at the other side of the bed. The ceiling fan is from Modern Fan…we used them throughout this home–inside and out.


  5. gorgeous room for any age!! that ceiling fan is just perfect–it is so hard to find a decent looking c.f., much less one that is actually stylish!

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama


  6. I have come back to look at this picture several times! I really like the double curtain rod.

    What was your reasoning for just placing the rug under the bed? My 8 year old is so excited about having hardwood floors in her new bedroom, she only wants a very small rug – but since her room is 14’x18′, I was planning on doing a rug with a 6″ border all around.

    Interesting about modern fan company – clearly RH uses them as the source for some of their fans! I guess it is similar to how RH uses some visual comfort lighting in their line. I like the fluted fan from modern fan too.


  7. What a great room! Makes me wish I had a girl to decorate for. White is always my favorite, and the Bedroom is my favorite of mine too. That Fabrics are FABULOUS! Great job!so smart. I love this idea and turned out perfectly.


  8. I love this….girlie but sophisticated to grow. I abhor all the latest trends in little girl rooms, I overheard some gals the other day talking about pink and zebra. May I say ‘yucky’?
    Adore the ‘big girl’ bed and I would imagine an armoire could hold all the ‘girlie’ stuff!

    Hope to see you next time I’m in Birmingham!


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