more Lake Martin progress

Hi, it’s Doug again…I visited one of our projects underway at Lake Martin in Alabama yesterday, and I thought you all would like to see the progress since Paige and I were at the house a month ago.

On the outside of the house, lots of stonework has been completed. This is the lakeside of the home.

Inside the stone masons are busy too. This fireplace in the living room matches the exterior material of the home, tying the interior to the house. Wood planked walls are starting to go up in all the main living areas. Right now they are just primed, waiting for a final coat of solid stain.

These paint samples will help us determine the final color for the home's interior. Everyone on site yesterday liked the bottom right sample (that isn't the one Paige and I thought we'd like--which is why we have samples prepared!)

The stair tower that connects all three floors hasn't received its wood walls yet, but you can already see how dramatic it will be. It's ringed around three sides at the top with big windows that flood light down into the Foyer.

Wood has started to go up in the Master Bedroom too. In this room we are just having one wall planked, which will create a focal point in what will be a seating area at one end of the room.

Things are moving quickly at this project…stay tuned for more progress photos soon.  This is the same house we were buying furniture for in Atlanta last week and we’re constantly on the hunt for antiques and artwork to complete this home.  It’s fun watching it come together.

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