A little color

I love to bring the outside in.  Not just in design but also our natural surroundings themselves.  Go outside and see what plants you have that make great fillers for your vases.  We have wild rosemary along our little string of communities where I live and where the Rosemary studio and shop are located.  Is it a coincidence that there is wild rosemary where Rosemary Beach is located.  No it is not!  The name Rosemary Beach came from the plant.  I have wild rosemary in my front yard and along the path where I walk my dog, Lucy, every day.  When it blooms (and even when it is not blooming) I love to cut a little and bring it inside.  I have these cute white vases from Ikea that look great with the rosemary cuttings.  They are perfect in the Kitchen Window. 

Have a great Tuesday!  We have lots of fun designs to show you in the near future.  AK and I are installing a home for a family starting next Tuesday.  We are really excited and can’t wait to show all of you! 



3 thoughts on “A little color

  1. I loved these pictures and the rosemary really pops against the white vases. Rosemary is so earthy and smells so amazing – and those little blossoms are so sweet! Fun post and lucky you to be surrounded by it! I look forward to seeing future posts about the projects…!!


  2. Paige I love those darling little vases. I think I might need to get some for my window sill!! I have pictures of my first bouquet from my yard on my post today, also. Kathysue


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