Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

We are so excited to have one of our projects featured in this month’s Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles!  We think AH&L is absolutely one of the best magazines out there–as good as many of the national shelter publications–and it’s an honor to be included in its pages.  Check out the story below, or pick up your own copy!


Thanks to photographer Erica George Dines and Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles editor Clint Smith–we had a great time working with both on this feature!

[all images courtesy Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles]

10 thoughts on “Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

  1. You guys are fabulous. I can’t wait til I win the lottery and build a house just so you can design something perfect for me. I love love love your work. In the meantime, I’ll bring the wine and cheer your success!


  2. Wow, such a beautiful home. Love all the linen fabrics and exposed natural woods, but I think those high-back chairs around the table might be my favorite!


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