Atlanta, part 2


As Paige mentioned the other day, she and I spent most of last week in Atlanta.  We got so much accomplished!  We were in town first and foremost for the always amazing Scott’s Antique Market, where we picked up literally a truckload full of goods for various projects we’re working on as well as some great new pieces for our both of our shop locations.

Want to see some of our finds?

This beautiful beaded crystal chandelier is headed to a Master Bedroom of a house we are designing in Auburn, Alabama.



This pair of mis-matched crunchy leather chairs are headed to the new Sales Center at Silverock Cove on Smith Lake in Alabama.  How cool are they?



One of our favorite things to do at Scott’s is to browse the HUGE tables full of vintage prints.  There are so many!  We picked up a great collection of these botanical prints to frame in a giant grid in the Living Room of a lake home we are designing, also at Silverock Cove.

Our trip wasn’t all work…Paige’s birthday was this past Saturday (Happy Birthday P!) and it was also the 10th year anniversary of when Paige met her husband Mark.  Paige and Mark were living in Atlanta at the time, so they invited their friends to rejoin them at Taqueria del Sol where they first met on her birthday.  We all had a great time!


After Taqueria, we walked across the bridge (if you haven’t been to the Westside Provisions District in Atlanta, you MUST go…such a cool place!) and visited what’s become one of our favorite places to eat (and drink wine too!), Abbatoir.  The atmosphere at this place is amazing…we always leave kind of wishing we’d designed it because it’s just so good.


I have this slightly dorky–okay, REALLY dorky habit–of taking iPhone pics of public restrooms that I think are cool…here’s Abbatoir’s contribution:

That sink is pretty amazing, right?

Until next time, Atlanta!

– Doug

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