Paige’s house… the move

This is the next part of my house move series… I have shown you my living room and my dining room.  I have received questions from some of you about the house move itself.  So here are some fun photos from the process…

Cutting the house in half.

Jacking up the house.


The living room cut in half and ready to roll.

The living room windows (we changed these to french doors during the renovation.

porch floor cut in half.


We looked like a parade!

Crossing the highway.

Almost home...

Taking the last turn.

Backing in the house.

Backing in the second half.

Almost back together!


I hope you enjoyed some photos from our house move.  I have few more parts to this series that I will post over the nexty few weeks. 

Have a great week!



5 thoughts on “Paige’s house… the move

  1. This is amazing to see. What a wonderful thing to be able to do. Sometimes I wish I could move my home to another area. Love my home, the area not so much!!! It is fun to watch this process. Thanks for sharing,Kathysue


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