And the winner is….. drum roll please….


Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments about 30A.  As a resident of 30A for 7 years and someone who visited since childhood I could not agree more with all your wonderful comments. 

Mike Ragsdale and Lynn Nesmith had their work cut out for them as the guest judges.  Mike has which is the place to go for all things 30A.  We use it to choose where to go listen to great music, places to eat, and everything else 30A.  Oh…. and I should not forget the app for your iphone… it is awesome.  So with all those credentials he was the perfect guest judge.  Lynn is the author of the book 30A Style, as well as, the book Seaside Style.  Lynn has lived in Seagrove for years and loves the beach and can be seen riding her bike to Seaside to the farmer’s market on Saturday and sitting on the beach with friends enjoying an iced tea or a cold beer (ok… I have to confess many times you can find me with Lynn on the beach with that cold beer!) All of this makes Lynn the other perfect judge!

So here are the winners:

I’ve never been to 30A before, but daydream about it often. It pains me to think that just a few hours away from the hustle, bustle, traffic and daily stresses of my life here in the Orlando, FL metropolitan area exists a place so quite the opposite. A place where architecture, interior design, and landscape planning actually matter. Where it is not all gas stations, strip malls, and used car dealership strewn about.

And as an avid enthusiast of New Urbanism architecture, 30A holds a special place in my heart for the mere facts of what it has done to change the architecture state of the world for the better. Its influence is far-reaching and indescribable.

The pictures I’ve seen of 30A truly do speak a thousand words, and these are among the words that come to mind: Easter egg blue water, napkin white sand that softly squeaks beneath the weight of my bare feet, towering palms that sway in gentle breezes and provide temporary shelter from unceasing bright sun rays which illuminate the surrounding nature, towns, and people.

All of this helps form a backdrop to one of the most architecturally significant slices of Florida. A place where design – both inside and out – is as important as food and water. A detail-oriented mecca that features a cornucopia of harmony, peace and happiness. A destination of old-fashioned Americana. A spit of sand showcasing life as it was meant to be – should be.

30A is not a fantasy. It is a reality. And I hope one day – sooner, rather than later – that it will be my reality. Until that can be possible, I’d like to have this book help me substitute being in 30A. Although it will most certainly be nothing like the real thing, I know it will continue along the same path as other collections of 30A images have, what with painting pastel pictures in my mind of premier paradisaical pursuits in a magical place known colloquially as 30A.

One day, 30A. One day.


Comment by Jamie March 15, 2011

and the other winner!

Why do I love 30A? Its Ambiance, Bewitching, Captivating, Darling, Enchanting, Fabulous, Gorgeous, Heavenly, Inspirational, Joyful, Kind, Lovely, Majestic, Nautical, Original, Paradise, Quiet, Romantic, Serene, Tranquil, Unforgettable, Vivacious, Whimsical, Xystus, Yummy, & Zealous!

Comment by Cindy March 14, 2011

Congrats Jamie and Cindy!  Email us at with your mailing address and phone number and your signed copy of 30A Style will arrive soon!



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