Photo shoot {of us!}

Hi all, Paige here!  Yesterday we had a photo shoot of all of us.  We are usually behind the camera in the photo shoots of our projects so it was really fun to be on the other side of the camera.  The studio looked like a dressing room with clothes, makeup, straightners, curlers, etc.  Our friend and amazing photographer Sheila Goode came with equipment in hand.  If you haven’t checked out Sheila’s blog before you must!  So here are a few outtakes taken by my daughter, Mallory, who you will see our the Rosemary Beach shop this summer and she is also helping us out during her spring break.  We will show you the real photos when we receive them!

AK and Bess hanging out between shots.

Anna Kay and Doug!

Sheila the great!

Paige and Anna Kay!


Time for a group photo!

So excited to see our photos!

Have a great weekend!



PS…check back Monday, we’ll be having a give away here on the blog!

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