Before and after… Paige’s living room

Hi all!  I was working on organizing my house this past weekend (NOT fun) and ran across the images of my house before we lived in it.  So…. I thought we would travel back in time and see my house before and during the process.  I am crazy this week and and the living room is all I have to time to share right now but I promise to show you the rest of the house.  Let’s start from the beginning:  4 years ago our friend and realtor Bryan Pritchett called us to tell us his church was auctioning off their parsonage.  Bryan knowing we love a great project took Mark(my husband) over to preview the house while I was out of town.  They toured the house and found out the bid was due before I was to return.  So I trusted my husband (he is an urban designer) and he bid on the house without me ever seeing it!  I returned to town… went to work… no big deal, right… thought we would never have been the high bidder.  But we got the phone call.  We owned the house!  At this point I still haven’t seen it.  So of course, I dropped everything and went straight over to see our new house!  Here is the other really important point… it did not come with the land!  The church was selling the house to make way for a new facility.  So we had to MOOOOVE the house.  It was a crazy fun process and over the next couple posts I will show you how it worked.  Moving a house is wild, fun, scary, exciting, cool, and awesome.


So without further ado here is the living room before:

Here is the living room after:

and the living room cut in half during the move:

The biggest changes we made were removing the 8′ ceiling and exposing the structure, changing the windows to french doors, changing the front door to an antique door,  and adding wood 1×4 to the walls.  We love how the room feels now, it is open and airy with lots of interest and details with lots of white.

Got to run!



17 thoughts on “Before and after… Paige’s living room

  1. Wow! Your living room is beautiful. I especially love the artwork over the colorful chair. And the walls!! Would you be willing to share how you covered the walls with the 1x4s? I’d love to try that myself 🙂


  2. paige, what a transformation. the addition of the wood planking totally makes the room. and exposing the ceiling structure was so smart. would love to see more – especially the house ‘in transit.’



  3. I think your ceiling might be one of the best things about the house, with the exception of Lucy in the living room. I givessuch a wonderful spacial feeling. Of course, I always love love love your pillows. You ARE the pillow wizard.


  4. That gallery wall makes my my heart go pitter patter! I 2nd the motion about the 1×4 wood planking. Please give us a DIY. I would love to try it as well!


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  6. Paige, I love the story of how you got this house! I featured your blog at today. You did a great job of opening it up and creating a beautiful decor.


  7. Hi everyone! Thanks for all the comments and emails! The living room walls were sheetrock and we had 1×4 tongue and groove pine added to the walls horizontally. Many people use V groove but that is not usually my first choice and we wanted our house to feel super casual and laid back. The wood was installed directly over the sheet rock. Note that when you do this you also have to add new base and trim and around all the doors and windows. We love the feel. It is a fun room and we have many dinners and gathering with friends and family!



  8. Love! It’s neat to see your pillows and coffee table styling change in the pics. My husband calls ours “musical pillows”! Thank you for sharing your home and giving us such inspiration.


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