sweetheart gift guide

Hi y’all, Bess here to remind you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I don’t know if I’m more shocked by that or the fact that it’s already February?!  Any who, Valentine’s Day is NEXT Monday. Men-dont end up like a friend a few years ago scrambling over the only two cards left and they are both in Spanish!

 I’ve tried to make things a bit easier on you by creating two new tabs on our [online store]: ‘Gifts-for HER’ & ‘Gifts-for Him’. Depending on your shipping selection we could have your gift to you by this Friday or it could even arrive on your sweethearts front door on Valentine’s Day Monday.

For the ladies I’ve included a selection of books ranging in interest from design/decor to entertaining & cooking. I’ve also sprinkled in a few lovely candles that can really help ‘set the mood’ and a few beautiful picture frames that are longing for a few happy faces to display. For this Gift Guide click [here].

Ladies-have you still not found the perfect thing for your special man?! No fear. In our latest trip to Atlanta Doug & I found a few books that would be perfect added to any man’s library. Is he a whisky, tequilla or beer man? I have them all covered. I’ve even thrown in a  ‘manly’ fish bottle opener. Perhaps he’s more into outdoor activities? I have just the book for the avid diver, golfer and even your favorite fisherman. For this gift guide click [here].

Have a happy humpday!


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