fabric refresher

Hi all, Bess here! We have been all over the place lately and aren’t expecting to slow down anytime soon. Our heads are still spinning from all of the excitement in Atlanta last week and to top that off we came home to a visual feast for the eyes. Fabric Rep meetings are such an exciting way to get the wheels turning and get a little inspiration. Paige & I were ‘ooooohhhhhhh’-ing & ‘ahhhhhhhhh’-ing with each new layer. Enjoy a few snapshots of our favorites. Who knows-you just might see them featured here in future projects?!

[Grammont Linen Zebra print in Truffle from Travers. Printed in Italy on 100% Linen.] 

 [Windermere, an Ikat Embroidery on 100% Linen, also from Travers.]

[Orangerie-Rose, digitally printed on 100% cotton, from Designers Guild.] 

 [Above & Below: Two new colorways for Maharani, 100%cotton, from Designers Guild.]

My head is swirling with visions of pillows, headboards, drapes, side chairs and all types of custom goodies! If the sky was the limit-what would you do with some of our new favorite fabrics?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

6 thoughts on “fabric refresher

    • It’s so interesting in person,Paula. It’s a super funky twist on the traditional florals out there-each flower’s detail so crisp with pops of unexpected colors through out. Love love loved it!
      Yall have a good weekend,


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