Snow Day

Hey, it’s Doug–writing to you from inside my warm house while I watch it snow outside.  It’s a rare occurrence here in Birmingham–maybe once a year–but last night an icy rain started following by big white flakes.  I ventured outside a while ago to take some photos of the neighborhood and thought I’d share…



My house, in the snow




The old stone steps down the street from my house look good covered in snow



This old 1920's apartment building is across the street from our shop in Mountain Brook. Isn't it handsome--especially with some snow on the roof?



Here's our Mountain Brook shop, Petticoat Lane is quiet today but hopefully we'll be back to work tomorrow!



13 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. doug, I’m here at the computer today as well – we have about 5 inches! your home looks terrific in the snow. I can’t get over that apartment building – we have a large tudor at the end of our street with very similar details…

    have a great snow day! donna


  2. Ohh, if that was all the snow I saw in a winter my life in the world of construction would be so much better!! Enjoy it before it melts away. I am now off to take coffee & soup to our framers that are working in the -10F temps…I still don’t know how they do it. xo


  3. hey! stumbled upon the blog and love your house colors? mind sharing? and what do you think about the colors you posted of b moore clay beige and iron mountain as far as painting brick on exterior of house and doing other in trim??


  4. stumbled upon your fabulous blog and love the colors of your house….will you share? i want to paint our brick and need some inspiration. i love the b moore colors you posted…clay beige and iron mountain…think those one on brick and one on trim of windows would be good?


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