Barn Door

Sometimes a barn door is the perfect solution.  For the door to this bath it was the best option to create interest along with the functionality.  The doorway to the bathroom is flanked by two built in armoires where one allows the barn door to pass.  Choosing the correct barn door hardware always adds the finishing touch.  This door is wormy oak but barn doors also look great painted like the one we designed for the Southern Living Idea House 2009 shown at the bottom.

photo by Laurey W. Glenn for Southern Living

7 thoughts on “Barn Door

  1. love barn doors. We had the intention of putting one in this house, but alas it didn’t happen and I completely reworked our rooms so now it wont make sense. Still on my want one day list though!


  2. Are the first photos your door? I want to do this but have not been able to figure out how to do it for a bathroom (ie: locking the door)


    • I’ve got a link on my blog that links over to a website that does this kind of hardware. Last time I checked they were switching manufacturers so I don’t know if they’re currently supplying or not.


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