Travel {Austin with Paige}

Hi all! My hubby and I took a quick weekend trip to Austin. I have never been to Austin and we were excited to visit friends who had recently become residents of Texas. My husband, the ultimate travel researcher, did his research of all the fun places and we were off! Here are a few of our favorites! Santa in the Houston airport was greeting all the holiday travelers on our way to Austin.. He was definitely helping the holiday spirit in the airport. When we arrived we ate tacos from food carts, had great dinners, drank margaritas, went to the hill country, visited a winery, saw Patty Griffin and Shawn Colvin in concert, saw the cathedral of junk, went to great shops… a fun time was had by all! I hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday!


If you are on South Congress you have to check out Uncommon Objects!

These looked amazing at Rather Sweet in Fredericksburg, Texas

Love my friend Stuart!

Mark(my husband) and I at Torchy's Tacos.... I had the fried avacado taco...yum.

how cute is this food cart?

This is the house that belongs with the "Cathedral of Junk" which is located in the back yard.

Beautiful hills with the city of Austin in the distance.

5 thoughts on “Travel {Austin with Paige}

  1. *pine *pine… my old stomping grounds, Austin, aka “the refugee camp for the sane” according to Dave Chapelle. The rest of Texas might not agree, but I sure do miss it sometimes.


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