seeing red

The front of our Rosemary Beach Shop is looking pretty festive these days! Did you know that the Rosemary Beach community requires all exterior holiday decor to be natural….no fakey plastic stuff in these parts. Needless to say you have to majorly think outside of the box to do anything ‘different’. Paige had the great idea of having a GIANT stencil made of the Tracery logo and painting it onto burlap-an all natural fiber. The swags are even burlap! The end result is beautiful and such a warm surprise on a cold winter day. Curious as to how this was accomplished? Enjoy a few process photos…

And another interesting end result?! AK & Paige deserve a manicure for Christmas!

34 thoughts on “seeing red

  1. just noticed the jute webbing you used to hang the wreaths. i do the same thing on our front windows and never want to let on my little secret of what it really is šŸ™‚

    love the red!


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  3. Do you mind sharing what kind of spray paint you used? I have been wanting to paint my painters fabric canvas curtains, but have been confused about what kind of paint to use.


  4. I too came over through at link at Full House and am so inspired by your blog and this project. I just won a stencil through a giveaway and was thinking of doing a roman shade, but this scale is just so much more beautiful if I could do it right! What type of paint did you find worked well on burlap?


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  6. I had no idea that there was a Tracery in Birmingham! The one in Rosemary Beach is a must-see every time we go! Can’t wait to stop in when I go to Birmingham.

    p.s. War Eagle!



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  8. Hi. So so beautiful. Is that red rust coral? I’d love to know exact color for my bedroom.
    Also why did you leave a selves he area?
    I just want to be sure I do them correctly. Btw, how wide is that for me to gauge how wide I should do to get them same look
    What width is that 60″? Or did you put two together? Thanks. Just live it. I also LOVE your place. We rented a house there for a month and used to own a place there too.
    Lucky you who lives there!


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